Laura Butcher

Founder, The Learning Point

As an organization and leadership development consultant, Laura combines strong business acumen with expertise in learning, executive assessment and change management to serve organizations as they plan strategy, build leadership capability and transform. Laura founded The Learning Point in 2003 after 15 years of human resources experience with General Electric, Bank of America and Delta Air Lines.

Laura started her career at GE Appliances as a member of GE’s Corporate Human Resource Leadership Program. While at General Electric, she was instrumental on the division and corporate level in the design and implementation of the transformational Work-Out process. She held key HR generalist roles supporting manufacturing and sales organizations in GE Appliances and GE Aircraft Engines before moving to NationsBank.

At NationsBank, Laura led teams in the implementation of complex, corporate change initiatives following the NationsBank/Bank America merger. She launched a centralized HR generalist function to provide advice and counsel services via phone to managers and associates. In addition, she was responsible for developing and implementing the change management process for Bank of America’s employee benefits integration affecting 170,000 employees worldwide.

Laura joined Delta Air Lines as the Director of Human Resources – Europe at Delta’s headquarters operation in London, where she led significant business restructuring initiatives across Europe and supported the development of cross-cultural business teams.

Laura received her Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Master’s in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Our Values

Passion for Excellence

We focus intensely on understanding our client’s needs and developing solutions that create value for their organizations. We possess high standards for our contribution to your organization and we consistently deliver on our commitments.

Focus on Results

We understand the demanding competitive landscape of today’s global business environment. We assist businesses in improving profitability, productivity and organizational effectiveness. Our focus is on measurable, impactful results and on creating a self-sustaining capability for our clients.

Superior Client Service

We understand that businesses are complex, dynamic systems and rely on the principle that every client partnership deserves our expert attention in assessing their specific needs. Once the needs are understood, we collaborate with you to apply the right processes, tools and services to achieve the desired results.

Partnership Based on Trust

At the heart of The Learning Point is exceptional service and professionalism. From these attributes we forge client partnerships that uncover opportunity. The hallmark of The Learning Point is our capability to develop long-term relationships with clients and to be a trusted and valuable business partner.


Understanding Our Client’s Needs

The Learning Point approach begins with an in depth understanding of your organization’s needs. We accomplish this through collaborative sharing of information and ideas in a dynamic process of discovery that concludes with an agreed path addressing your organization’s unique needs. This path will lead us to one or more of our specific practice areas: assessment, consultation, design, or delivery.
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Assess & Measure

Measurement is essential to evaluate the return on investment for talent management, organizational effectiveness and learning initiatives. We work with our clients early in the process to determine success factors and the appropriate level of measurement requirements to assess the impact of the process, program or project.


We create value by providing insights for our clients to better align talent with organizational goals and strategies through learning and leadership development. Unlike the practices of many other firms, our consulting methods are coaching-oriented – designed to solve immediate issues as well as develop long-term self-sufficiency.

Design and Develop

With a clear understanding of our client’s strategies, culture, leadership values and capabilities, we design and develop impactful, customized learning and development programs that improve organizational effectiveness. We integrate closely with our clients throughout the design and development process to ensure high quality deliverables, on time and on budget.

We carefully plan project deliverables and manage timelines to ensure our client’s goals are achieved. While the Learning Point approach is deeply grounded in organization research, theory and models, our consultants are practitioners, not academics. We design practical, “real world” solutions with the goal of delivering results and making our clients self-sufficient.


As businesses mature, their needs change. Often organizations are faced with having to quickly acquire new internal capabilities or capacities to increase their effectiveness. The Learning Point can help your organization flex to meet these immediate demands. From simply extending your training delivery capacity to outsourcing a complete solution, we provide a full spectrum of learning program delivery support, including train-the-trainer methods, facilitation and learning project management.

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